Mainsoft for UNIX and Linux | Overview

Most C++ developers use the powerful Visual Studio® development environment to write their applications because they are easy to use and highly productive. However, their enterprise customers demand that the applications also run on UNIX® or Linux®. The traditional method for cross-platform development to get these applications to run on Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, and HP-UX is to port manually, a process which takes about 18 months for a typical application.
"Some Visual Studio development organizations remain committed to C++... We're pleased to see Mainsoft offer a robust solution for taking these applications across platforms."
Prashant Sridharan,
Group Product Manager,
.NET Developer Product Marketing Group
Microsoft Corp.

Using Mainsoft for UNIX and Linux typically slashes this time to just six months! That's why companies like Microsoft, Siebel and Computer Associates use Mainsoft's enterprise porting platform for C++. It seamlessly plugs into Visual Studio software, giving them a clear competitive advantage in the race to develop functionality rapidly and get versions running on many different platforms to market very, very quickly.

Mainsoft for UNIX and Linux is an enterprise-class application-porting platform that enables software developers to develop C++ applications on Windows® using Visual Studio and deploy them on UNIX and Linux operating systems. Mainsoft for UNIX and Linux is a complete cross-platform solution that speeds application development and deployment. Developers will also appreciate Mainsoft's Java EE Integration Package and industry-leading XML support. The product recompiles Windows source code with UNIX compilers to create native UNIX applications. Together, these features create the most high-performance, scalable, robust application porting platform in the world.


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